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Welcome to the on-line registration for courses and training conducted at Kozminski University. This site is intended for people who want to enroll in courses and training. To register, please fill in the form. An email will be sent to you by our educational advisor which will provide you with more detailed information.

1. Business Valuation Workshop with Excel on-line
2. Course of Polish
3. Executive Master Class Advanced business Valuation and Value Creation
4. Executive Master Class Entrepreneurial Finance - Venture Capital and Private Equity
5. Executive Master Class Financial management for Executives
6. Executive Master Class Value Creation and Growth with M&A
7. Finance for Non- Finance Managers with Excel on-line
8. Financial Analysis of Investment Projects with Excel on-line
9. Financial Analysis with Excel
10. Intensive Course of English
11. Investment Industry: Instruments, Mechanisms and Regulations
12. IT/AI Law School
13. IT/AI Winter Law School
14. M&A and Value Creation with Excel on-line
15. Venture Capital and Private Equity. Case studies with Excel on-line